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Aviation Security (AVSEC)

Course Overview

Aviation Security will cover the basis and history of Aviation Security. Discussed will be the prevalent threats to aircraft and airport operations, airport and aircraft operations environment and measures of reducing or eliminating the threats.
Participants will specifically be equipped to:

  1. Aviation Security Course will enable the student to understand basic elements of aviation security and be able to handle any security threat that may arise.
  2. Enhancement of safety through establishment of a higher level security threats awareness.

Course Content

  1. Threat assessment
  2. Security Awareness
  3. Legislation and Policy
  4. Firearms and weapons
  5. Passenger Profiling
  6. Sabotage
  7. Bomb threats at Airport and aircraft
  8. Hijacking

Course Duration

The course duration is 2 days(12 Hours)
The course duration is 1 day(6 Hours )

Target Group

  1. Flight Crew
  2. Cabin Crew
  3. Ground instructors
  4. Functional Managers
  5. Flight Instructors
  6. Supervisors