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Core Instructional Techniques (CIT/TOT)

Course Overview

Goal is to Develop competent trainers with the skills to design and implement training programs in aviation organizations
Participants will specifically be equipped to:

  1. Plan and implement training programs utilizing adult learning approaches
  2. Acquire skills in public speaking and presentation
  3. Effectively conduct training needs analysis and design suitable training requirements
  4. Understand the tools required by the trainer and methodologies for skill building
  5. Acquire basic knowledge in behaviour change

Course Content

  1. Principles of adult learning
    Training models
  2. Leadership
  3. Public speaking and communication
  4. Effective training and facilitation strategies
  5. Classroom management skills
  6. Group dynamics in training
  7. Group facilitation skills
  8. Designing, developing, implementing and evaluating courses.

Course Duration

The course duration is 5 days

Target Group

  1. Training Captains
  2. Flight Instructors
  3. Ground instructors
  4. Functional Managers
  5. Cabin Crew Trainers
  6. Supervisors