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Crew Resource Management

Course Overview

CRM is about co-ordination as a crew and involves all personnel, CRM began with requests from crew members and is intended to manage human error and it is a skill that must be practiced. CRM sensitizes you to concepts and methods of Human factors, CRM will identify traits we all have as aircrew (Human) and will modify behaviour. By simply recognizing these traits you will create a more efficient, aware, and most importantly, safer crew.
Participants will specifically be equipped to:

  1. Gain a greater awareness of the concepts, philosophies and objectives of resource management training
  2. Be able to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to enable them to use all available resources effectively

Course Content

  1. Communication
  2. Attitudes and behavior styles
  3. Problem solving and decision making
  4. Leadership and team building
  5. Workload management
  6. Human factors
  7. Situational awareness
  8. Conflict Resolution

Course Duration

The course duration is 12 Hours (2 Days)
The course duration is 6 Hours (1 Day)

Target Group

  1. Flight Crew
  2. Cabin Crew
  3. Ground Handling Staff
  4. Flight Operations officers