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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Course Overview

This course provides details of Electronic Flight Bag operations to air operators. This will include understanding of applicable regulations and knowing how an approval process will work.
Participants will specifically be equipped to:

  1. Understand the EFB applicable regulations and approval requirements
  2. Differentiate the categories and types of EFB hardware and software
  3. Identify applicable requirements for operational use of EFBs

Course Content

  1. Introduction to EFBs
  2. Categories and Classes of EFB systems
  3. Regulatory approvals including training and operational requirements
  4. Limitations and restrictions on use of EFB systems
  5. Aircraft Library in EFB
  6. Performance and Mass & Balance applications
  7. Procedures to handle EFBs innormal and abnormal situations
  8. CRM and human factor considerations on the use of the EFB
  9. Air Operator EFB administratio

Course Duration

The course duration is 12 Hours (2 Days)
The course duration is 6 Hours (1 Days)

Target Group

  1. Pilots
    flight operations officers
  2. AOC quality officers
  3. EFB Administration personnel