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Our Courses

Flight Operations Officer/Dispatch

The aim of this course is to train students to perform the flight dispatch duties efficiently in order to minimize incidents and run operations smoothly.

Crew Resource

CRM sensitizes you to concepts and methods of Human factors, CRM will identify traits we all have as aircrew (Human) and will modify behaviour.


This covers the basis and history of Aviation Security and focuses on the threats to aircraft and airport operations and measures of reducing the threats

Dangerous Goods

Be familiar with the contents of dangerous goods and will be able to apply the principles.

Human Factors
In Maintenance

This course aims to provide participants with the skill, knowledge and attitude to enable them to use all available resources for safe and efficient maintenance operations through threat and error management.

Safety Management

The safety Management Systems training will equip participants with the understanding and effective implementation of the SMS in the Organisation.

Quality Management

This course aims to provide an introduction to QMS so that participants can implement quality management practices within their organisations

Core Instructional

This is aimed at developing competent trainers with the skills to design and implement training programs in aviation organizations

Leadership & Management

This course equips managers and supervisors with the necessary knowledge and skill to effectively manage people

Electronic Flight

This course provides details of Electronic Flight Bag operations to air operators which includes understanding of applicable regulations and how an approval process works

Emergency Response
Planning Basics

This course gives participants the essential knowledge so as to be part of an air operator’s emergency response team

Performance Based

This is to help air transport operators understand the performance based navigation concept and the requirements and regulatory process for operational approvals