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Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Course Overview

The goal of this course is to help air transport operators understand the performance based navigation concept as well as the requirements and the regulatory process for PBN (RNAV and RNP) operational approvals. It is also an ideal foundation course for regulators involved in the PBN approval process.

  1. Identify State regulatory requirements with respect to PBN;
  2. Understand the PBN Concept;
  3. Understand the process both the operator and regulator should follow
  4. Identify the documentation required for submission
  5. Relate the approval process to individual navigation specifications;
  6. Provide a simple step-by-step guide to the Approval process;

Course Content

  1. PBN Introduction and Overview
  2. PBN Approval Process
  3. Aircraft Eligibility
  4. Crew Procedures and Training
  5. PBN Navigation Database
  6. PBN Approval Documentation

Course Duration

The course duration is 18 Hours (3 days)
The course duration is 6 Hours (1 Days)

Target Group

  1. Air Operator personnel involved in PBN operations development and approval process;
  2. Flight Operations and Airworthiness inspectors.

Expected Outcome

Provide Knowledge and skills for establishment and implementation of Quality Management System in an aviation organisation in line with Kenya civil Aviation Regulations and International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO)Standards and Recommended Practices(SARPS)