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Quality Management Systems

Course Overview

Quality Management Systems(QMS)lay the framework for consistent perfomance throughout an aviation service provider’s activities.This course aims to provide an introduction to QMS so that participants can implement quality management practices within their organisations.Aviation regulations require that persona working in a quality office possess qualification in the quality systems and this course aims to provide the foundation for such qualifications

  1. Understand the basics of Quality Management in an organization
  2. Understand the quality requirement of key regulatory bodies and national authorities such as ICAO KCAA and ISO
  3. Outline the key practices required to maintain a QMS:the quality policy,procedures,audit and reports
  4. Prepare for further specialization and training in QMS implementation

Course Content

  1. Quality Management
  2. Quality Culture
  3. Quality Management Systems
  4. Audits,reviews& assesments
  5. Problem solvins process & steps
  6. People development & Team work
  7. ISO 9000 Standards
  8. Integrated Management Systems

Course Duration

The course duration is 30 Hours (5 Days)
Audit Techniques
The course duration is 18 Hours (3 days)

Target Group

  1. Quality Auditors
  2. Quality Managers
  3. Managers and supervisors

Expected Outcome

Provide Knowledge and skills for establishment and implementation of Quality Management System in an aviation organisation in line with Kenya civil Aviation Regulations and International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices(SARPS) and other International Standards: IOSA, ISO 9000